It’s Lauri, Artreach Coordinator for Artrageous! We truly believe that Arts have the power to heal, to engage, and to help minds grow and we are so thrilled to be able to bring our Artreach program to communities and students across the country. 

Here’s a little bit about the program we offer…


Program Offerings

This program provides an emphasis on the importance of the arts for all ages, Kindergarten - College!

45-minute Educational Presentation
Q & A with a Professional Touring Troupe
Multiple Art Forms on
one Stage
Immersive Performance
Complete in-class Study guide
Emphasis on the Importance of the Arts

Artrageous ArtReach combines all these arts in one single immersive performance!
Hear what presenters have to say about the ArtReach program…

Study Guide & Curriculum

Artrageous wants to help you to be able to give your students the best possible chance to succeed…

We have provided you with a complete in-class study guide and curriculum to utilize prior to or after the ArtReach Program. Check out the links below…

Helping Hands

Sponsorship & Fundraising

Artrageous ArtReach LTD is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization.
We would love to help you get funding. Artrageous created a sponsorship program to help you meet your educational outreach needs. Please adapt these tools to suit your sponsorship campaigns and reach out to us if we can help further.  Because this is a multi-disciplinary arts program we have seen Presenters receive grants to be able to bring in Artrageous Artreach to thousands of students. 
This is an interactive, energetic, inclusive, inspiring and educational opportunity for students to experience multiple arts and go behind the scenes of a touring production…
“The high school students get to be up on stage with working professionals in the field. The thing that is the most valuable is that they become part of our community. They live that mission and we love it.”
Andy McGuire
Youth Outreach Program Coordinator, George Daily Auditorium
“This year, Artrageous worked with the entire fifth grade of Georgetown County, all 650 students!  In spite of it being such a large group, the children were entertained, excited, and educated!  This will go down in our history as one of the best outreach programs ever!”
Leslie C Moore
Development Director, Pawley’s Island Festival Non-profit


Important things about the arts…

According to the Center for Online Education, by the end of this year, over 25% of public schools will have eliminated their arts programs due to budget constraints. Studies show that students who don’t have the arts as part of their curriculum not only miss out on the creative outlet but their core subjects suffer as well as having higher dropout rates and more disciplinary problems.
PERFORMING ARTS: helps with understanding social relationships, complex issues, and emotions; improves concentrated thought and story comprehension.
MUSIC: improves math achievement and proficiency, reading, and cognitive development; boosts sat verbal scores and skills for second-language learners.
DANCE: helps with creative thinking, originality, elaboration, and flexibility; improves expressive skills, social tolerance, self-confidence, and persistence. Creates new neural pathways in the brain. Linked to anti-aging. Helps with balance and the ability to think on one’s feet.
VISUAL ARTS: improve content and organization of writing; promote sophisticated reading skills and interpretation of text, reasoning about scientific images, and reading readiness.
MULTI-ARTS: helps with reading, verbal, and math skills; improves the ability to collaborate and higher-order thinking skills. Creates the atmosphere to work together as a team. (referenced from USA Today)