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The highly interactive ARTRAGEOUS show is the perfect fit for the festival atmosphere!

Whether it be a high-end elegant Wine Festival or a Family fun event, Artrageous has the capability to adapt to your needs.

Multi-Disciplinary Art Forms

Audiences witness LIVE Art, Music, Song, and Dance on ONE STAGE.
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Totally New Concept

Artrageous has created a totally new concept that has never been done before. The Artrageous show culminates in a LIVE Arts Installation that was created in front of the audience. The audience can walk through the gallery, meet the performers, and even add their own artwork.


Customizable & Flexible Format

Artrageous can adapt to your needs. It is easy to adjust the set lengths and content to suit your audience demographic. The Artrageous show design team will work with you to create the perfect mix of Art, Music, and Interaction to take your Festival over the top.

  • 45 Minute Sets

  • 75 Minute Sets

  • 90 Minute Sets

  • Music Only Sets

  • Family Oriented Sets

  • Children Only Sets

  • Adults Only Sets



Over their 3000+ shows world-wide, Artrageous has created 100’s of different themes from Superheros to Broadway. The Production team supports your theme through Custom Paintings, Video Tech, Musical Numbers, and Costume Design.


Multi-Day Events

Artrageous has the Team and Capability to provide entertainment for different situations and venues.

  • Children’s Activities: Crafts, Face Painting, Puppet Shows, Talent Show Organization, Parades, etc.

  • Educational Artreach: A 45-minute presentation that emphasizes the importance of the Arts & the Brain including a segment of the Artrageous Show, Interactive Activities, and Question and Answers.

  • Workshops: Artrageous has 30 years in the Entertainment Business and can provide quality workshops on The Art of Business, Dance, Vocals, Art, Creating, and Creating Community.

  • Indoors and Outdoors: Our team can accommodate both indoor and outdoor settings.

Family & Audience Interaction

The Cast of Artrageous is on hand pre-show to meet the audience with souvenirs provided by Artrageous as well as interactive activities. The audience has the opportunity to be involved throughout the show and even joins the cast on stage. Audience members are invited on stage at the end of the show to participate in the LIVE Arts Installation. 



A built-in Fundraising Opportunity. All the Artwork that is created during the Performance is donated to the client for auction or sales to raise money for your Community. ALL the proceeds are yours. Other ideas for Artwork - donate, gift to Sponsors or VIPS, Raffle Tickets.

State of the Art Blacklight Package

Artrageous is sponsored by the world-renowned WildFire Lighting Company and has access to the top of the line WildFire Black lights and Paints to create a magical world of blacklight through paint. 


Production Packages Available

Utilize the Artrageous Production Crew and a Full Sound and Light Package (dependant on reach and audience size).


Easy Rider

Artrageous prides itself on being the easiest show in the industry to work with. We are with you every step of the way.

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