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Our Schooltime Series is a unique performance that energizes, engages and educates students. We provide materials that can tie the performance into the classroom…

“An Amazing Show!”
- David Harriet, Broadway Theatre League
Huntsville, Alabama
We are expanding our Schooltime Series to incorporate more elements of STEAM through the eyes of the ARTS because we believe that the ARTS are an integral part of human existence and shape Teens and Tweens to become a whole individual.
Our MISSION is to provide a Performance Based STEAM program looking through the lens of the A in STEAM. We are driven to make the ARTS experiential and put emphasis on the value and the power of the ARTS to transform and heal. To show the interconnectedness between the ARTS and the STEM subjects.
Use our Study Guide Specifically Designed for in Classroom use before or after an Artrageous Schooltime Show.
This is a one of a kind interactive performance that incorporates many different art forms on the same stage. The students will get to experience live art, music, dance, life sized puppetry, and get to be part of the show. The images created are tailored to the younger demographic and include well known pop icons.
A full 1 hour performance is jam packed with wild artistic inspiration.
Artrageous isn’t shy about their passion for the arts and how important they are to a child’s life and development. Artrageous includes the students in the passion of performance and how you can work as a team to create anything!
To make a full experience add a question and answer session with our troupe and use our Study Guide before the performance.
“Artrageous makes a huge impact!”
Jennifer Dobbs
ArtsBridge, Cobb Energy Center, Atlanta, GA
Special thanks to our sponsors:
– Strathmore Artist Papers for donating 100 “Learn to Draw” pads from their Learning Series
– Blick Artist’s Material for donating 200 Artist Pencil Sets

We can’t wait to give them to kids who love the arts…
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