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Artrageous started in Vancouver, Canada as a troupe of misfits decided they wanted to see the world. Together they started the “All and Everything Theater”, a non-profit Children’s Theater focusing on Children’s Entertainment, Street Theater and Life-sized Bunraku Puppetry.

In the late 80’s on Christmas Day, their theater building (which they built from the ground up), with all their props and puppets, burnt to the ground. Instead of packing it in, they created a new act called The Pink Flamingos (the flame colored bird, standing solidly on one leg and rising from the ashes): this music based troupe has performed for the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, General Colin Powell… and in venues and events all over the world from India to Thailand, Paris to Austria performing at over 2000+ events in their History.

As people who live and breathe the Arts, Creativity, Community, and Inspiration, they have decided to go back to their roots and share their passion with the world as Artrageous. A Show that focuses on all the things they believe in and everything that got them to this place.

Art, Music, Theater, Singing, Dancing, Audience Interaction…

All on one stage. All done as a team of friends seeing the world and sharing a love of the Arts.

Artrageous combined a whirlwind of colour through live painting, captivating vocals, intricate choreography and exciting music, to take you on a visual journey and a high energy ride of inspiration, creativity, and engagement.

Our troupe of artist, musicians, singers and dancers pay tribute to a variety of art forms, icons and musical genres throughout the evening. The result: A uniquely entertaining, Masterpiece show culminating in a gallery of fabulous finished paintings.

A signature of the Artrageous Troupe, from the very beginning of their long history, is interaction and engagement… so be prepared to be a part of the show. Each show is as unique as each audience and we can’t do it without you!


The Artrageous Show is a journey through the decade - stopping to admire unique icons and famous music throughout the journey. You will see artists, live, in their makeshift studios creating portraits of these famous icons. One of the things that make these portraits different than a portrait you would see in a museum is that they are done in an oversized way ~ accompanied by live music. The artist creating each portrait paint at lightning speed and use their hands and brushes to create what we call Action Painting. The portraits are done on a giant scale that is 6 feet by 6 feet or 9 feet by 6 feet.

Unlike most shows, Artrageous loves for you to get involved! We are a show about participation. You can take photos, you can come on stage, you can sing along, you can dance in the aisles… do whatever moves you!


The goal of the performance workshop is to give the students a glimpse into the life of a touring show and what it takes to be a team and most importantly, for them to take away that whatever they want to do they can!

  • The Roots of Artrageous – as street performers and Bunraku puppeteers in Vancouver

  • Our travels – the hard work that has paid off and taken the troupe around the world.

  • What it takes to put on an Artrageous show

  • Introduction to the Artrageous team – the students will get introduced to each member of the Artrageous team and the many hats each professional performer wears.

  • Outreach program must take place at the stage or have adequate PA to put on a performance. It is an important part of the Outreach to be able to get the participants involved.

  • It’s not every day that students have the opportunity to chat with professional entertainers. Students are encouraged to ask any question about the business, about travel, about working together as a team. The students are invited backstage to see the setup, behind the scenes, the tour bus etc.


There are so many different ways to express yourself and anyone of those ways could be called art. Feel free to explore your unique talents and see what you can create!

  • What are some forms of art that you know?

Painting, Prints, Drawings, Photography, Performing Arts, Craft, Design, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Installation, New Media

  • Look at the following pieces of art and answer the following questions for each piece:

  1. How does the piece make you feel?

  2. Is there a piece of music that would describe the painting?

  3. How would you move if you were in the painting?

  4. What do you think the artist was thinking when they painted this piece?

Can you identify what style of paintings each of the above are?

Which was your favorite? Why?

What colors would you use to express happiness? Anger? Sadness? Peaceful?

  1. Landscape: the depiction  in art of landscapes, natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests

  2. Portrait: A representation of a particular individual.

  3. Still Life: A painting featuring an arrangement of inanimate, everyday objects

  4. Real Life: figures and scenes are depicted as they are experienced or might be experienced in everyday life.

  5. History Painting: refers to any picture with a high-minded or heroic narrative (message) as illustrated by the exemplary deeds of its figures.

  6. Horizon Line: In painting perspective, it’s the level your eyes are at, an imaginary line to which things recede.

  7. Vanishing Point: The point at which parallel lines receding from an observer seem to converge.


CREATE! There is never a wrong answer in Art!

  1. With a partner, draw a portrait of the person sitting in front of you. Don’t lift your pencil!

  2. Draw a self portrait from memory.

  3. Look at a portrait of a famous icon. Draw a picture of the person UPSIDE DOWN!

  4. Imagine the portrait to be just shapes. Draw the image as only shapes. Eyes are ovals, the nose is an inverted triangle, lips are a boat on the sea….



ARTRAGEOUS would love to hear from you and see your art. Send us your artwork so we can post it on our website!

Artrageous ℅ Lauri Francis

137 Saddle Spur Trail

Tijeras, NM 87059



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